Your Kid Will Be a Smarty Before Kindergarten

Your Kid Will Be a Smarty Before Kindergarten

Learn what makes Sunshine Kids Childcare & Preschool one of the best preschools in Twin Falls, ID near Kimberly, ID

Preschool is great for preparing kindergarten! At Sunshine we have worked with local Kindergarten classes to create the perfect curriculum for your Preschoolers. We take this kind of preparation seriously and want your kids to be completely prepared!
Preschool for your twos and threes are really big years for your child's social, cognitive and motor development. When you need child care, you want to be confident that your young one is getting the proper attention and stimulation they need. Sunshine Kids Childcare & Preschool offers a preschool program that's designed to keep your tike engaged and learning.

Our center designs classes and uses lessons that are age-specific. This means your child will be surrounded by little ones their age while learning age-appropriate material.

If you're looking for preschools in Twin Falls, ID, visit one of our two locations today or call us at (208) 736-4411 (Addison Ave.) or (208) 316-1195 (9th Ave.).

Crazy schedule? Find predictable preschool hours.

We know that finding preschools in Twin Falls, ID that fits your schedule can be difficult. Our preschool and early child care schedules don't change.

Here's our weekly schedule:

Kindergarten prep for 4's & 5's - classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
Four & Three-Year-Olds- classes on Mondays & Wednesdays
Two-Year-Olds- classes on Mondays & Wednesdays

Every day, our center keeps our students engaged at every age level. Your child will love circle time, outside play time and eating their favorite snacks.

Call us at (208) 736-4411 (Addison Ave.) or (208) 316-1195 (9th Ave.) now to learn more about our daily schedule and our curriculum.